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Injection and Blow Molding Precision Plastic Parts

Welcome to the Microdyne Plastics, the longest running family owned injection and blow mold shop on the West Coast!

Since 1975, Microdyne Plastics Inc. has specialized in molding of precision plastics parts. We are a premier contract manufacturer of plastic products for a wide variety of customers and markets such as precision medical devices, electronic components, subassemblies, opto-electronic components and containers. In addition we own molds for a variety of standard consumer containers.

We have expertise in both injection molding and blow molding. Our products are exclusively made in the USA. We offer specialized services such as plastic part design, mold design and fabrication, precision manufacturing, clean room processes, and secondary services such as product decoration (silk screening and labeling), assembly and shipping. Our competitive advantages include ISO 9001:2008 certification and (FDA) Device Manufacturing License from the California Department of Health Services, Food and Drug Branch. We are also a certified medical device manufacturer.

  • We plan carefully, beginning with detailed engineering for mold design, tooling and material selection (including selection of the right source for quality and reliability) and continuing with a manufacturing process layout with all the appropriate quality control processes to meet our clients' needs. Careful planning also helps to control timelines since we know that a reliable schedule is critical and your clients are depending on you. Once we commit, we do what it takes to deliver!
  • Delivering exacting precision and consistent quality is our calling and inspired our name, Microdyne ('small' + 'power'). Precision to meet the exacting standards of our clients' product designs applies equally well to products smaller than the plastic pellet it's made from to parts weighing up to 28 ounces.
  • Microdyne Plastics is a vertically integrated mold designer, mold toolmaker, and manufacturing organization. This eliminates the risks from missed communications with vendors and simplifies the procurement and management process. While we generally begin with a new design, we also take over existing projects and proprietary processes. We welcome opportunities to serve clients who find themselves in need of a second source.

Microdyne Plastics, Inc. value added services include:

  • Mold design engineering and tool-making
  • Micro-precision expertise
  • ISO 9001 manufacturing process
  • Clean room manufacturing as required
  • Decorating, screen-printing, pad printing and labeling
  • Secondary support services like package design

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